The Value of questions

No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives
– Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Of all the violations one can make navigating the road of life you’d be hard pressed to find a greater item people could be flagged for than not speaking up and asking questions. This concept goes back in part to the post prior to this one – the programming we receive as children. But let’s fast forward past the early years of life, past grade school and into the age of critical thinking. Take a moment to allow those last two words to ruminate…critical…thinking. How critical exactly is thinking? I’m no expert but I’d venture to say pretty damn important. Of my 37 years (as of this writing) I seem to have avoided it much of the time; allowing the emotional centers of my brain, like some fascist dictator, to take complete control. The result – no bueno.

As I wait for feedback from some of the insightful, accredited people I’ve reached out to before starting down the rabbit hole I’d like to postulate a challenge to you (I’m also going to challenge myself too). Take just one thing/area of your life that’s been tugging at you; not necessarily something severely agitating or infuriating…that [we] can work up to, and make a small list of questions you have about it. Lastly think of who we best need to direct that to. Perhaps a boss (this is the one I’m going with) or a loved one. After making our list, let’s double check and take inventory of them. Say them aloud, how do they sound when you say them? Honestly assess the language and tone. Are they to the point while not being sharp or overly offensive (some offense could be natural since in all likelihood the topic has been ignored for awhile)? Got your questions ready? Good, now let’s get out there and ask!

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