The Hands of Time

Been awhile since writing. Started new job, putting the finishing touches on self publishing my first full length novel and continuing the adjustment to a life in a new city. Not having a social circle has left me with time to think…sometimes too much. As the aging process continues to be more unkind to my body (all a result of my doing) I can’t help but think back to days of the past. The hands of time can be very unkind and to most they certainly are. Our decisions set the course of our lives off in directions we often don’t have a map to navigate. For a healthy percent of the population – at least here in America, though I suspect in many other places – we will never gain access to an effective GPS system to help us along.

It was during a recent conversation at a coffee shop I frequent that I found myself in a conversation about life and more specifically what I refer to as our ‘achievement timeline’. Living in Silicon Valley I’m often surrounded by intellectually brilliant people who are fascinated by data and quantifying it. It was to a group of such folks I explained my (though I’m sure someone somewhere else has termed a similar theorem) achievement timeline and the value it would have in people’s lives; particularly those transitioning to young/early adulthood. While I’ve not made an extensive search for analysis of my premise there no doubt exists sets of data that offer precise probability of achieving certain professional & personal outcomes based on where a person sits in their chronological being.

As part of the often time failed strategy of career days, summer job programs, the hyper-obsessive university preparatory process, perhaps the time has come to sit down and share the facts with kids. Knowing where the stats lay coupled with a healthy internal inventory is the greatest gift both young and old people can be given. Going back to the GPS analogy from earlier – imagine if you would for a second being stuck somewhere in your life horizon and having a sense of how you should proceed going forward based not on intuition (an often terrible guide especially for those of us who grow up knowing only a survival mentality) but rather on mathematical fact. A ‘do this – not that’ if you will. This I explained to the group of financially and professionally well-off individuals is the only way those who are left behind can stay there in comfort.

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